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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Success in Business Relationships….!!!! Do we treat our business relations the same way we treat our personal relationships..!!

It is imperative for every businessman, whether a budding entrepreneur or a CEO of a large corporation to spend time and analyze the guiding values in his and his organizations business relationships.

Aren’t your business relationships an extension of how you interact in your personal relations..? Do you treat your business partners with same standards as you treat your personal relations?

It won’t take long for an intelligent person to understand that the four key elements that one needs to incorporate into any business transaction or relationship

The four key elements of any successful business relationships are:

TRUST – Business relationships are a two way street. Both parties should come out of the relationship having gained something. If only one party wins, then it's an unfair relationship.

One needs to be able to trust a business partner and vendor. If that a partner is not living up to their obligations in being trustworthy, then the relationship may be severed. I believe that the same expectation must be extended to us by our customers and business partners. If we are not honest with our customers and business partners then why would they continue to do business with us? They wouldn't.

RELIABILITY - I believe that it's our duty as a business person to offer reliable services to our customers. We do not gain by over committing our selves and taking on to deliver what we can not in terms of products, services or time to serve etc.

HONESTY- It's definitely in your best interest as a businessperson to conduct yourself in an honest manner. I believe that people need to present the truth as they see it and be honest with their customers and business partners. If your partners and customers see you as an honest person then they will be more likely to do more business with you.

INTEGRITY - Integrity is defined by as having a strong moral and ethical code. Each person has a different code of morals and ethics and I'm not saying that it has to come from a set of belief system.

I believe that every businessperson needs to form their own code of conduct. That code of conduct needs to have a set of morals and ethics. This set of morals and ethics is like a road map and must be consistently applied.

If you adhere to your set of morals and ethics you will conduct yourself with integrity.

Your business partners and customers will see you as a principled person who has a set of standards that can be trusted.

I believe that incorporating trust, reliability, honesty and integrity into your business relationships are vital to being a success in business…! Happy relating..!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Print Glossary- Helping You Make Sense of Web Offset Printing

You certainly don’t have to be an expert in web offset printing to make your projects look fantastic. But, having an understanding of the most common terms can be a real advantage!

Blanket: a piece of rubber that has fabric on it. In a web offset printing press, a blanket is used to transfer images and letter from the metal plate onto the paper.

Coldset Web Offset Printing: a printing process in which ink is left to dry manually through air exposure and evaporation. It is also called “non-heatset web offset printing”.

Color Proof: a representation of the final product made before the mass printing is done.

Final Trim Size: the finished size of a magazine, postcard, brochure, flyer, etc. In web offset printing, documents are printed on larger paper, then trimmed to the right size at the end.

Finishing: refers to any post-printing process, such as trimming or folding.

Heatset Offset Printing: a web offset printing process in which the ink is dried rapidly while passing through a special oven, instead of waiting for the ink to dry through air exposure. Heatset offset printing is used for glossier papers that are not particularly absorbent.

Offset Printing: a method of printing in which images or letters are put onto metal plates, then transferred to either a blanket or rubber rollers, then transferred onto paper. Since the rubber is flexible, it conforms to any surface – including wood, canvas, or cloth; It is also called “offset lithography”.

Perfecting Press: a printing press that is capable of printing on both sides of paper during a single pass through the machine. Offset printing is the only printing technique that is capable of using a perfecting press.

Sans Serif: a typeface that doesn’t have any serifs – or small strokes at the end of each letter. Arial is a sans serif font; Times New Roman is not.

Specifications Web Offset Publications: refers to guidelines for each printing project – including information on the font, color bars, and proofing stock. Also called “SWOP”, it ensures that each member of the printing team is on the same page when it comes to web offset printing projects, so that each image and document looks uniform.

Web Offset Printing: a form of offset printing in which paper is fed continuously through the printing press on a roll, rather than feeding each sheet into the printer individually. Web offset printing is used primarily for high-volume publications – like newspapers, magazines, and catalogs.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The best solution for combined newspaper / commercial printing in Post Press

It is not so easy to find the right post press solution for semi-commercial presses. Bulky newspaper stackers might give you the necessary speed for thick, large-format newspapers but often lack the finesse to give a proper stack quality which is necessary for commercial-/semi-commercial products. With more than 9000 stackers sold worldwide, RIMA-SYSTEM is an expert in stacking technology and has the perfect machine for the necessary capacity in newspaper printing AND giving great stack quality for the semi-commercial productions.

At El Comercia and El Universo in Ecuador the customers have equipped their presses with RS 36 indexing stackers from RIMA-SYSTEM. The stackers can run at speeds of more than 100.000cph per hour and at the same time guarantee perfect stable bundles thanks to the indexing forks in the upper bin and the servo-pusher with synchronized delivery-belt making it the ideal machine for modern hybrid-presses..