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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Waste Management in Newspaper Printing

Newsprint is the highest cost component for a Newspaper Printer, and we can easily classify the total pape rwaste in a press by taking difference of Newsprint supplied to the press and total sellable copies printed, the difference is a thumb rule WASTE.

In order to effectively manage waste in a press, lets look at further classifications and then dwell on process and areas where we can monitor, control and manage waste..!

1. Tare waste (Wrapper waste)

2. Mat Waste (Tear sheet waste)
3. Reel end waste (Core waste)
4. Sweep Waste (Scrap waste)
5. Print Waste (Bad Copies waste)

Lets look at the costeliest yet controllable waste out of the aobe five categories which is the PRINT WASTE-

What are the factores that contribute most towards generating higher Print Waste?

Press Condition- A press which is ignored for prevantive and routine maintenance by the press crew will obviosly generate higher waste. Does the operators and maintenance staff understand the press well, have they been trained by the supplier? Normally the focus is on production and as long as the crew is able to deliver production the machine problems are ignored, deficiencies are patched up which subsequently result in break downs or excessive wear and tear of critical components directly effecting Print quality and generation of non sellable copies.
A good printer will understand that any deficiency in print quality may have originated from a dormant press problem which is being overlooked. Check for unhealthy signs in the printing operation before it suddenly surfaces and when it is too late...!

Normally the maintained scheduled times are considered as non productive , part of down time of the machines . this is a dangerous perspective . the management and print crew should recognize the print need for allocating adequate time for maintenance.

The machines maintenance. In short, is identifications and eliminations of each and every factor that limits quality, reduces speed lengthened make ready time and these factor are being the waste factors , there are simple strategies to be adopted , while attending the press.
  • Look for defect in printing like dot gain , slur trapping register errors etc (if you do not have facilities for measurements , visual information will suffice). For every symptom , analyze all possible contributory factors by the press . check, ascertain, attend and correct the defect .
  • Closely Monitor and look for abnormal sound . heat vibrations and machines load.
  • Look for defect in web running like loose web , web break, and margin and register shift etc. for every symptom analyses and correct the defect.
  • Closely monitor and look for abnormal sound , heat, vibration and machines load, all through the production run. Parameters indicate probable defects like lake of lubrication , wear un balanced alignment related problems. Analyses and attend.
  • In all the three situations given situations given above . do a deep study. Any wrong diagnosis will lead to waste of time . man hours and may lead to furder complications.
  • Do not attend to eliminate symptoms, but handle the root causes.
  • While disassembling and re-assembling , apply the mind . do not perform the act mechanically.
  • For repairing , use the right tools . wrong and in – appropriate tools will cause delay and damaged to the part handled.
  • Keep relevant drawing always for reference.
  • Try to understand the functional aspects of each and every machines element and their locations and positioning relevance.
  • Go through the daily weekly and monthly maintance schedules as recommended by the manufacturers.
  • Maintain a health card for every machines
  • The replacement parts and others consumables will be best if bought from the manufacturers themselves . any temptations for saving by going for cheaper items will prove to be costly in a long run.
  • Be pro-active and not re-active.
  • Engage the press crew for the basic maintenance and not a separate team.
  • Give the press the best. It is due to it.
Please have a raport with the press. Do not consider it as an inert machine, you can communicate with it and you will find that machine always respond positively to your loving gestures....!!!