Equipment & Solutions for Newspaper and Commercial Printers

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


OGL 22  is an advanced and fully features computer controlled On Line Glue Applicator, developed for Newspaper and Commercial applications.

The machine is fitted in line with the Web offset machine  and allows gluing of running webs at many points along the direction of travel of the web to produce various innovative folding.

In a simple touch screen operation the operator can control the flow and amount of Glue to be applied.

The sophisticated dispensing heads are mounted on easy retro fit enabled brackets for ease of locations on the web path and is connected with  high quality Festo make Glue Pipes. The system features a suck back system to remove the extra glue thereby providing a seamless and neat gluing on the web.

An array of folding options are possible using a combination of Glue Dispensing Heads viz: Butterfly Fold, Panorama Fold, Reverse Fold, French Window etc.

OGL 22 is capable of gluing up to 48 page quarter fold booklets saving huge amount of time and  manpower in bindery for magazine printers.

Handy System for multiple webs.
User friendly Touch Screen to control operation.
Various patterns as dot, dash, continuous are readily available.
Fast and reliable valve for web of speed up to 15mtr/sec.
Different nozzles to suit the gum thickness on the web.
Suck back system, to avoid gum from dripping.
Flow of gum starts at set speed of the machine.
Flow of gum is auto controlled with increase and decrease of web speed & stops at web break/stop or below set machine speed.
Easy Cleaning of the system by water.
Mounting position can be moved horizontally or vertically to get desired results.
Compact system with touch panel controlled.
Local service and support.